Amy in Peru: An Odyssey

Thursday, September 21, 2006


I will be leaving Lima very shortly, so I thought I would try to condense some of my thoughts on my experiences past, present and future before heading to the hills (these lists are in no particular order really):

Ten things I will miss about Lima
1. The variety of things to do, places to visit, historical sites, etc...
2. Parrots in the trees (seriously.... either they are native or they have escaped from someone's house, but there is a park near my hostal crawling with them-- i love it!)
3. The people I have met
4. The people I could have met
5. Cheap taxis
6. The architecture, especially downtown
7. NORKY'S (and all of the other little restaurants i have come to haunt)
8. Music in Parque Miraflores
9. random archeological sites in the middle of the city (such ancient sites in the middle of an urban jungle--- talk about contrasts!)
10. The ocean

Ten things I will not miss about Lima
1. The construction in front of my hostel (and it is of the sewer to boot--- stinky and loud--- doesn't get much more obnoxious than that--- plus there is just a lot of construction everywhere)
2. The men and their cat calls, stares, grabs and general ridiculousness--- makes me sick and crazy
3. The constant chorus of car alarms and beeping horns
4. Dog poop on the sidewalks
5. Not being able to walk around by myself at night
6. Telenovelas
7. intestinal infections
8. the hugeness of the city
9. smog and pollution
10. the lack of sun (so far, we have had zero, goose-egg, nada days of sun-- constantly cloudy and hazy)

Ten things I assume I will continue enjoying and/or new things to enjoy in Huancavelica
1. Languages--- continuing with Spanish and starting to learn Quechua--- wooo hoo!
2. Finally starting work (I can't believe I have already been here almost a month and have done nothing but take classes!)
3. Deepening my understanding of the history and culture of Peru, particularly the indigenous piece of that history and culture
4. More potatoes
5. New people to meet
6. Clean air (and not blowing my nose and having black gook on the kleenex--- gross!)
7. llamas and alpacas! Need I say more?
8. Living in a community instead of a city
9. Mountains! Big giant mountains!
10. increasing my lung capacity


  • Interesting format Amy. I thought you hated lists.

    Good luck with the increased lung capacity and potatoes. Potatoes are actually quite nutritionally dense. I hope you enjoy the community in your town and get plugged in socially.

    and re: cat calls, etc. I found though they were annoying I got used to them and sorta missed them when I got home (how do I know I look nice if no one whistles at me?)

    Good luck mountain dweller.

    By Blogger reahpeah, at 3:24 PM  

  • Getting high in the Andes literally.
    How about some pictures.

    By Blogger Paradoxers, at 6:01 PM  

  • Do you even read our comments?


    Slowly but surely we all are turning into Leah... (ie. lists) ;)

    I think the llamas would be a highlight for me as well. They are like walking nanas, or at least nana's interesting second cousin twice removed! Can't go wrong with that!

    By Blogger Lesley, at 8:53 AM  

  • I am willing to presume that Lesley meant the 'turning into Leah' comment in the nicest way possible,,,,,, right? ,,,,,

    By Blogger reahpeah, at 12:45 PM  

  • I just love the nana comments - brings back fond memories! Can't resist adding insult to injury Miss Lez and singing "I like blue mascara, it is really neat".. hehe

    Throughlly (can't spell, but you knew that) enjoying the journey Amy - keep it coming but like your family keeps saying... where are the pics?

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 3:52 PM  

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