Amy in Peru: An Odyssey

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Some pics to share with people this week, just to mix it up--- haven't posted many in a while--- Below to the left is a nice pic of a sunny Huancavelica from my apartment window. Nothing too defining really, mostly a lot of roofs, but you can get a sense of things on a sunny day--- can be quite pretty with the mountains surrounding us. To the right is a picture of the one other gringo within a 100km radius of HVCA, David. He is from the States, and in this pic is thoroughly enjoying the peanut butter that was sent to me by my fabulous family. After this pic was taken, I trounced him mercilessly at a game of rummie 500. He consoled himself with more peanut butter....

This is a pic of friday night, when i went to Graciela (top center) and CarstenĀ“s house for their anniversary dinner (she is from Lima originally, he is German, just moved here from Egypt, he is an engineer and works all over the place--- very cool). Left to right is: some woman from spain--- i didn't catch the name---- but is here with Caritas and really likes to talk about spain; Graciela's mom, who made some amazing chicken; the wife of the man next to her (bad amy--- very bad with names); Frederico Salas, who was a candidate for mayor here in HVCA, and actually, while the results are not yet in, it looks like he might win! (so maybe will turn out this was a good networking event?); Bottom (reserved for the shortest of the group... sigh): me, and Fannie, a original huancavelican who left for Lima but who has come back and works for Caritas (a health-related NGO). She may be taking quechua lessons with graciela and i in the new year. All in all a very nice night for a variety of reasons (I wish i could say it was just the company (which was indeed electic and interesting), but i also LOVE that they have two heaters... it is the only picture i have of me NOT in my jacket!!)

This is a pic of some kindergarten kids bringing their chairs across the school yard to come and watch one of the puppet shows we have been putting on last week and this week on the rights of children, all in the campo (rural areas). I am mostly along on these voyages for brute labour (set up and take down, weird looking stranger to distract the kids when other things need to be done, etc...), but got some great pics (I LOVE this one!), and really enjoyed getting to know some of the rural schools better. Will be working with most of them (and many others) in the "Cultura de Paz" project coming up.

This is a pic (below and to the left) is of Luis and Alida on our way to Huancayo last wednesday. We had to take elena, one of the EDUCA directors, to huancayo to catch a bus (see other pic below), so decided to take advantage of the truck heading out to go along for the ride. Enjoyed a GREAT meal of pollo a la lena (basically rotisserie chicken) while int he city, and i got a super quick visit to a real supermarket (hooray cornstarch and bread in a loaf!). Boy it was weird being in a city other than HVCA, with lots of cars and people and stores.... i felt a bit like a naive babe coming down form the hills and seeing the big city again. Wonder what it will be like when i go to Lima... :)

FYI generally: Luis is the guy who sort of looks after the office from a go-fer kind of perspective (and drives around everywhere... when he shows up... see previous entries....), and Alida is a co-worker--- the coordinator of the project i will be working on, so we will be working very closely.

The final pic (to the right), below, is of me, Elena (the director from Lima) and Alida, waiting for the highway to open on our way to Huancayo. They are doing some MAJOR renovations on the highway, which is great because it is usually impassable during the rainy season. However, as things are quite disorganized, there are, of course, many delays, and you are lucky if you don't wait an hour or more in total. We were pretty lucky all things considered, and the site where we had to stop was pretty nice, as you can see.

So that is my post with some pics. Trying to make up for a realtively non-newsworthy week. :) Imagine this week will not be any more exciting, so maybe some pics of my more-furnished apt will be posted soon. Hope all is well with everyone, and thanks for visiting!


  • hey amy

    great pictures!

    It looks very rocky there. Can you ask what are the main types of trees, plants and crops? am curious.

    I am jealous of your work in the school - must be so fun.

    and finally, if it is cold amy, why are you not wearing a hat? might make a difference (note that some of the kids in your pics have hats on - maybe they are on to something)

    hope you're having fun,

    By Blogger reahpeah, at 5:05 PM  

  • Love the pictures! Nice to see more pics of you -- you are usually absent from most of your pictures so yay. :)

    if they have heaters, can you get some?

    By Blogger Lesley, at 7:28 AM  

  • I hope your family is getting you a heater (not a heather) for x-mas! Gee whiz! And maybe some more peanut butter and Canadian necessitites. Can't wait to see you and hear more of your adventures while we sit in a warm living room without scarves and mitts. ;)

    Take care and see you soon!


    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 11:11 AM  

  • hi amy

    i guess you weren't in SLP for the winter, but it was darn cold. i too wore all my pajamas and thermal underwear to bed every night and i never got a heater. why? i don't know. i'm sure it is even colder where you are now, and i think your family is onto something with the heaters and the hat.

    i'm enjoying the blog and your pics.. it's great to hear about your adventures and trials, and i'm always reminded of how blessed i am with creature comforts!

    hope you have fun and your work situation improves.

    much love, heather s.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 3:32 PM  

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